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  • Busting the 4 Biggest Myths for Tech Job Seekers

    With over 400 highly specialized tech recruiting professionals across North America, our agency experts know firsthand how people think and act during the hiring process. Our 2016 research study debunks the biggest misperceptions for tech job seekers and offers helpful advice on how to navigate today’s competitive job market. Here are the four most common myths you should know: 

    Myth 1: “If I don’t have all the required skills, I shouldn’t bother applying for the job.”

    Advice from the experts: “Know where you stand and act accordingly. If you’re less qualified, be prepared to make your business case upfront on your resume or cover letter as to why they should still consider you. Always apply to jobs even if you are not sure since you are applying to the company (not just the job). Other jobs may exist that will be a better fit. Also, job specs can be very fluid in tech and some companies can/will adjust requirements and provide training for the right person.”

    Check out which companies are hiring by applying to one of our many tech jobs online!

    Myth 2: “If I’ve been a job hopper, potential employers will not consider me for the position.”

    Advice from the experts: “It’s not the WHEN, it’s the WHY that counts most when explaining job hopping to a potential employer. There are many completely understandable reasons for leaving a job after a short period of time. Make sure to specify any of these acceptable reasons for leaving directly on the resume to avoid any negative stigmas.”

    Read why "Don't be afraid to try different things" is tip #3 in "5 Tips For Young Professionals Who Want a Career in Tech"

    Myth 3: “If the company has no job postings online, then they must not be hiring.”    

    Advice from the experts: “The elusiveness of the tech job market means that candidates should never rely on job boards alone. They should leverage their networks as much as possible and also work with a localized, specialized tech recruiter who uncovers these hidden jobs on a daily basis.”

     Let us help you discover your dream job - Contact a Jobspring Partners in a city near you!

    Myth 4: “If I’m the leading candidate for a Perm position, I should be able to negotiate my starting offer as high as I’d like.”

    Advice from the experts: “As highly qualified as a tech candidate may be, there is and will always be competition. A candidate’s savvy negotiation and education on the marketplace (via salary reports) is expected from employers. But when candidates exhibit indulgence or entitlement in regards to a potential offer, their well-intentioned actions could backfire on them.”

    Find out the Expectations versus Realities of Working in Tech

    There are several myths out there about the tech job market, but the key is to identify these myths and not fall into the trap that many other job seekers may unknowingly fall into. To sum up, (1) if you’re less qualified, be prepared to make your business case upfront as to why a company should still consider you; (2) if you’re a job hopper, be sure to specify acceptable reasons for leaving on your resume to avoid negative stigmas; (3) never rely on job boards alone, instead, leverage your network and work with a specialized tech recruiter in your city; and (4) don’t be that candidate who exhibits indulgence or entitlement in regards to a potential offer – it could backfire on you. 

    Contact a local Jobspring Partners today and let us help you kick off 2017 on the right foot.

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  • Jobspring Recruiter Spotlight: Michael Brinn

    We’ve been super busy at Jobspring Philadelphia thanks to our recruiter Mike Brinn who helped two job seekers this week find their perfect matches! Thanks to a referral from our Microsoft Development team, Mike was able to help our job seeker Keith find exactly what he was looking for in terms of a great commute and work environment. Our hiring manager really liked Keith’s background in finance and his experience with mobile development.

    Mike kept the momentum going and was able to help our other job seeker, Adam, who was looking for an opportunity that would allow him to work with newer technologies. The hiring manager, Phil, met with Adam and liked his technical skills experience and Adam’s willingness to learn new technologies. Adam really liked the company because it offered him a great chance to work with cutting edge technology in an open environment that utilizes all skills.

    Congratulations to both our jobs seekers, Keith and Adam, we wish you the best luck in your new chapter!

    Mike is originally from the South Jersey area and attended Rowan University where he graduated with a B.A. in American Studies. He played baseball, pitcher, throughout his college career! When he isn't playing, watching, or talking about sports, he enjoys doing yoga too!

     What do you like most about work at Jobspring Partners?

    "I love building relationships with job seekers and helping them find their next opportunity is my way of showing appreciation for them as individuals and their passion. Jobspring Partners is an exciting place to be for me because it's about showing that appreciation for our job seekers."

    How To Contact Mike:

    Phone: (267) 765-6100

    Email: [email protected]

    Twitter: @JobspringPhilly



  • Meet a Lead Recruiter in our Jobspring San Francisco Office!

    Say hello to Ellinor Magnusson, the Lead Recruiter on our Microsoft Web Development Team. She is dedicated to filling jobs for skills sets involving Java, C#, ASP.NET, .NET, and Javascript.

    Elinor has an international background with roots from Sweden and Chile. She spent a few years in California early on, and after Graduating college in Sweden, she decided to move back to the states with her Husband Mikael. She's settled down in San Francisco and has been working with Jobspring for about two and a half years now. After her first year with Jobspring she was promoted to Lead Recruiter on the same team as our Regional Director Heather Samaras. If you are looking for a Java Job - she is your go to gal!

    Ellinor places skilled developers into great jobs all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Give her a call today if you are looking for a new job in the new year!

    Call Ellinor: (415) 904-8000

    Email: [email protected]

    Follow on Twitter: @SwedishTecMafia

  • Jobspring Silicon Valley Welcomes Dan Urbaniak!

    As you may have read, Jobspring Silicon Valley got to welcome Daniel Urbaniak from Jobspring Philadelphia to their growing team at the start of the New Year!  Dan was promoted to Practice Manager to open up a brand new team at Jobspring Silicon Valley specializing in placing DevOps, Python, and Linux System Administrator engineers.

    Dan was born and raised in New Jersey and joined the Jobspring Philadelphia team shortly after graduating from Rowan University.  This is his first time on the West Coast and he is quickly getting settled in Silicon Valley!  He has not only been busy finding a place to live and getting to know the area but has been very focused on building strong relationships with clients and job seekers in Silicon Valley.

    We're so happy to have him on our Silicon Valley team!

    If you're looking for a DevOps, Python or Linux Sys Admin position or just want to welcome Dan to Silicon Valley, give him a call!

    How to Contact Dan:

    Phone: (408) 418-1520

    Email: [email protected]

    Twitter: @DanCMPNYBLDR

  • Jobspring Recruiter Spotlight: Chris Walek

    Here at Jobspring Boston we firmly believe that the people in our office are what makes us great.  

    While we have many talented and interesting recruiters we'd like to take a second to introduce Chris Walek. Chris works on our Microsoft Web Development team, which deals in .NET job placements. Despite having a Bachelors degree in Economics and Environmental Science from St. Lawrence University his transition to the world of IT has been seamless.

    Once Chris joined the team he quickly learned that his favorite part of working here was that he was continually meeting new people with interesting stories and paths in life.  

    When he's not in the office and wants to stay in touch with Boston's extensive Tech Community you can find Chris at one of the local meet-ups, whether it be Tech in Motion, the Boston Security Meet-Up or other great groups.  

    If you work in .NET or C#, enjoy meet-ups and need help finding a job, Chris Walek is your man.

    Here's how to get in touch with Chris:

    Contact: (617) 267-7300

    Email: [email protected]

    Twitter: @WindowsWalek

  • Jobspring Orange County's Big Time Promotion

    As 2012 came to a close, Jobspring had the pleasure of promoting David Belsky to Regional Director of our Orange County office!  

    The promotion was announced at our Holiday Party in Boston, MA and was a great surprise to all there.  Dave has been working for Jobspring Partners for 8 years and worked his way up from an entry level recruiter to running the Orange County region.  

    Dave, as well as his team, specializes in Embedded Systems (Firmware & Electrical Engineering) and Mobile Software (iPhone & Android) development space.  He identified and carved out the newest successful marketplace and niche for the organization at large and quickly proved the concept in this new space by managing one of the most profitable businesses of the year company-wide, in 2011.  

    Along with managing a region, Dave is the loving father of 2 great kids and outside of work, you can always find him hanging out with his family in sunny Orange County!

    How to Contact David:

    Email: [email protected]

    Call: (949) 553-4200

    Follow him on Twitter: @BelskyDavid

  • Jobspring Recruiter Spotlight: Shane Tomlinson

    Here at Jobspring Boston we'd like to take a minute to recognize one of our all-star Recruiters.

    Meet Shane Tomlinson, the Practice Manager of our office's Network Infrastructure Team. On a daily basis Shane helps network administrators and engineers find their perfect new job and continually goes above a beyond to stay connected with Boston's Tech Community.

    Soon after he began working here Shane introduced our office to the Boston Security Meet-Up, a group of technology security enthusiasts who use our office space every six weeks to hold riveting security based presentations.  Shane also created a LinkedIn group called Boston Infrastructure as a place for technology professionals to discuss articles, job opportunities, and technology in general.

    Shane graduated from University of New Hampshire in 2009 and joined our team two months after graduation. He has always had an affinity for helping people. During college he worked part-time as a Rehabilitation Aide at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, so it's no surprise now that his favorite part of being a recruiter is "Changing people's lives by finding them jobs they love." 

    When Shane isn't here helping job-seekers or participating in a Security Meet-Up he can usually be found enjoying his huge DVD collection, watching football, hanging out in Boston Common with friends or playing fantasy sports.  Despite his all-star Recruiter status he really is normal guy just like the rest of us!

    How to Contact Shane:

    Twitter: @TheTomlinson

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: (617) 267-7300

  • Congratulations to Dan Urbaniak of Jobspring Philadelphia!

    This week Jobspring Philadelphia had the pleasure of promoting Daniel Urbaniak, from our Microsoft Development team, to Practice Manager in our Jobspring San Jose office.

    Dan has been with Jobspring Philly since June 2011 and was promoted to Lead Recruiter in August 2012. As a recruiter, Dan dedicates himself completely to helping his job seekers find exactly what they are looking for in their next opportunity. He takes the time to understand what his job seekers want and their needs in order to find them their perfect match.

    As a Practice Manager in San Jose, Dan will be specializing in Dev Ops technologies and he’s super excited to help job seekers in the Silicon Valley! He is eager and thrilled to continue to help job seekers find their next best opportunity out west.

    From everyone at Jobspring Philly we'd like to wish Dan on his upcoming move! We know he’ll bring them the same dedication and passion that he showed our job seekers and managers in Philadelphia!

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