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  • A Month of Mustache Greatness for Men's Health!

    A month of effort, shaving, sculpting, combing, and trimming.... announcing the Top 2 'staches from our Jobspring Partners San Francisco office!

    These guys showed great dediecation and skill in their Mustache growing. Thank you for participating in Movember Pavel and Chris!

    Movember is a fun and interactive event that gets guys growing some funny facial hair to raise awareness and funds for men's health. A few of our other offices also participated and grew some pretty creative patches and some sweet 'staches.

    Pavel with his Handlebar 'Trucker' and Chris with a classic 'Undercover Brother'.

  • A Great Review from A Happy Job Seeker

    We love getting positive feedback from our happy job seekers. Jo Cooper came into our Jobspring DC office one afternoon looking for a new QA position and Tom Parzych, manager of the Microsoft Web Development team, was the man to deliver. 

    After three weeks of interviews with a few companies in the DC area, Jo found her next opportunity and couldn't have been happier!

    Here's what she wrote in her review:

    "The staff at Jobspring was the greatest during my recent job search. It is really unbelievable but Tom Parzych and his team truly made the process most pleasant, and dare I say, FUN! I would highly recommend them to any good people looking for IT positions in the area. What I really liked about working with Tom and his team was that there was no hidden agenda that I would discover afterwards or things they try to hide in order to sway me one way or another. They provided all the advantages and disadvantages, or pros and cons if you prefer, on all possible jobs that came my way to help me make the right decisions. From all the years I've worked with the 3rd party recruiters, this was the first time I felt like I had a real team who were really trying to help me, rather than help themselves in most other recruiters."

    Thanks for those awesome words, Jo! We are so glad we could help you out!

    If you're in the market for a new QA position, give us a call at (703) 682-4000.

  • Tech In Motion Silicon Valley with Couchbase!

    Last night Tech In Motion Silicon Valley had their 5th event with guest speaker Chris Anderson, Mobile Architect and one of the co-founders of Couchbase! "Why NoSQL?" was a great night of networking, pizza, drinks, and learning about NoSQL.


    Pizza is always a hit with Tech In Motion members!

    Jobspring Silicon Valley's Division Manager, Scott Purcell, introducing Chris to the audience before his presentation

    Chris tweeted out this picture of the audience before the presentation got underway!

    Chris gave a great presentation about NoSQL databases and Couchbase's server and client libraries.  It was very informative and a great introduction to NoSQL for both technical and non-technical members of the audience.  Chris even broke out into a Couchbase rap during his presentation which was a huge hit with our audience!

    Chris was even nice enough to bring enough Couchbase shirts for all #TechInMotion attendees. We love ours!

    Thanks again to Chris, Couchbase, and everyone who was able to make it out! Can't wait for our next #TechInMotion event in Silicon Valley!

  • The End of Movember in Orange County

    In a previous blog post, Jobspring Orange County marked the beginning of Movember.  

    We created a Movember team page, Team Newport Stasche, where people could donate money to aid of men's health issues.  

    Our team raised $126.00 throughout the month of November and as a whole has raised over 100 million dollars that will go to various research groups such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Livestrong Foundation, and many other prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.  

    Our team raised money for a very worthwhile cause and we can't wait to participate again next year!

    Check out these awesome Mo photos!

    Here are our team members at the beginning of the month!

    Now, at the end of 30 days, Patrick (top left), Brandon (top right), Dave (bottom left) and Jason (bottom right) have very impressive 'staches!

    Did your business participate in Movember?

  • A Little Group Bonding in Jobspring Boston

    After a productive Thursday in the office Jobspring Partners Boston participated in quite the meet and greet in combination with our sister office.

    After wrapping up all of our emails and phone-calls, we headed out into the city to have some fun bonding time together.  This quickly led to some male bonding, in the form of choosing a photo pose.  

    After much discussion Phill and his team decided on a tough guy pose, to the disappointment of many who were pushing for a classic "prom" photo pose. All in all it was a great night out for the office!

    Looking good guys!!

  • Persistence Pays Off at Jobspring Los Angeles!

    After keeping in contact for almost a year, Zach Balthaser was able to find a job seeker a great .NET developer position!

    Zach met Kamlesh, his job seeker, months ago but made sure to stay in touch. Kamlesh is extremely talented and didn't necessarily need Zach's help finding a job. But, he liked Jobspring so much that he let us find him an awesome job!

    If you'd like to contact Zach, you may reach him at:

    Phone: (310) 996-0200

    Email: [email protected]

  • Social Media Only Gaining In Popularity

    This morning, Potomac Tech Wire hosted Social Media Outlook 2013, a breakfast series that focuses on, you guessed it, social media. It's an informative event that brings together marketing executives and those working in public relations and social media and tunes them into a discussion about upcoming trends by those at the forefront of the subject.

    Social Media Outlook 2013's focus was on "The Shifting Terrain of Social Usage" with Rohit Bhargava, author and blogger, as the keynote speaker of the event. He spoke about his predictions for upcoming trends in the next year which included:

    1. Shoptimization which includes any mobile apps that help make shopping easier. Examples include Slice, Dashlane and ShopSavvy.

    2. Partnership Publishing which is the new trend that let's anyone be a publisher. It's an in between publishing trend of do it yourself and professional publishing. Netminds, The Domino Project, Paper Lantern Lit and Layer Gloss are all examples of partnership publishing.

    3. Human Banking is exactly how it sounds. New apps that make managing money a bit more friendly and less robotic. Check out Mint and Simple if you're interested.

    4. MeFunding is the fourth trend Bhargava talked about and is simply a way of promoting yourself. GoFundMe and Indiegogo are two examples of MeFunding.

    5. Hyper-Local Commerce is all about community based products and services. Popularise, Goodzer and Shopify

    6. Friend-Sourced Travel is exactly how it sounds! Instead of relying on a company to tell you the best vacation spots, count on your friends. Appls like Vayable and Trippy are helping people do just that!

    7. Degree Free Learning is definitely an upcoming trend as technology improves. Learning can happen all the time, any time with online courses, webinars and other ways of education that don't necessarily lead to a degree. Creative Live and Uncollege are great sources for this.

    He has a total of 15 social media trends for 2013 that will be available soon, so make sure to check him out on Twitter for the latest.

    After Bhargava spoke about upcoming trends, a panel of four took the stage, where they discussed things like Facebook's current popularity, great Twitter campaigns, why people use Google +, the new Myspace and the always popular topic of SEO (search engine optimization). The panel included Jodi Gersh from Gannett, Leigh George from R2integrated, Shashi Bellamkonda and Bhargava.

    Wendy Moe took the stage after the panel to discuss analytics and data. She touched on specific numbers and talked about how "social media metrics need to control for biases." Measuring what matters, not just how many followers or retweets a person gets, is what is most important and understanding what those numbers actually mean. 

    Mark Amtower touted the importance of LinkedIn, disspelling the myths that government employees don't use the site, that those with the most connections wins and that it's not for jobhunters. He emphasized the importance of being active in LinkedIn groups and becoming visible in your niche. 

    His takeaway: "Add value whenever you participate!"

    The last presenter of the morning was Shashi, who had participated earlier in the panel. His presentation was about trends in social business. He emphasized that in this day and age, people are learning about companies through social media, not their website and that it's important for employees to be trained in the proper usage of social media.

    It was definitely an educational morning and we were happy to be a part of it. Check out #SocialOut on Twitter for tweets related to the event.

  • Another Jobspring San Francisco Success Story!

    Zach Schoenbart from our San Francisco office just helped Mike find a great new role!

    Mike mentioned that one of the best parts about working with Jobspring Partners was that he could remain at his previous employer while we did all the job hunting for him. Within a week of coming into our office, he had an offer and a new career!

    Zach also said that Mike was a really easy guy to work with and practically a match made in heaven at his new employer. Zach specializes in placing QA, Java and .NET skill sets.

    Here is a picture of Zach (left) and Mike (right) shaking hands when he stopped by our office!

    If you are looking for a new job in the Technology industry, please reach out to our office! It never hurts to see what is out there or what companies we are currently working with.

    Give our San Francisco office a call at (415) 904-8000.

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